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Campus Solutions - CJ Montante

Nearly 4 out of 5 college students are working part-time while studying for their degrees, averaging 19 hours a week, according to a Huffington Post survey, but just 18 percent pay their way through school.  Well Xavier University has launched a new program, The D'Artagnan Experience which gives Xavier students an opportunity to not only learn about the skills to excel in the real world, but it gives them an environment to try out and hone those skills.  Tune in to our interview with CJ Montante, CEO of Campus Solutions.


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Beechmont Racquet & Fitness - Lance Atkins

One of the newer ideas in weight loss is that you should change your workout periodically.  Apparently muscle memory works to improve efficiencies in your movement.  So working the same routine teaches your muscles to consume less energy and thus your weight loss becomes less effective.  Plus changing the routine focuses can keep up interest level.  Which is one of the biggest reasons people don't stick to a workout.  This idea can also work for the health of a business.  Tune in to our interview with Lance Atkins one of the second generation of owners of Beechmont Racquet & Fitness.  

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Jason Redwine - LANrm

You know what they say, if you don't like the weather just wait around a few minutes. Well that applies to more than just weather.  Technology like weather, seems to change by the minute and staying up to date can feel like a full-time job.  So join the conversation with Jason Redwine of LANrm. 

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Roundhouse Recruiting - Jamie Hall & Tom Franke

Hiring an employee is a lot like dating.  You try to figure out what you're looking for, talk to some people and ultimately you cross your fingers and hope for the best.  But hiring the wrong person can cost your company a lot more than a few dinners and wasted evenings.  Tune in to Jamie Hall and Tom Franke of Roundhouse Recruiting to find out how to get to a "happily ever after" with your employees.
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Cathleen Snyder - Strategic HR

Being successful is often a direct measure of how well we treat people.  Partners, suppliers, customers and employees.  Tune in to our interview of Cathy Snyder who gives us some information on how to handle the employee part of that success.


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Chris Gruenke CPNSquared - Jason Redwine LANrm

Business owners (generally speaking) don't love numbers and accounting.  But it's an absolute MUST if you want to succeed.  There are three types of number-loving people who can be very helpful in growing your business.  1) The Accountant/ Bookkeeper.  This is someone focused on the details.  They'll help you sleep better at night, but they may not be the best at strategy. 2) The DealMaker. This is more of an MBA type person.  If you're wanting to scale your business through acquisitions or big capital investments this is the person that can make that happen. 3) The Advisor.  This person brings a broader look at your business and can advise on many different aspects.  

AHHHH, but where do you find someone like that and how could you afford their salary? Well, just press "play".
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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

There is no doubt that the men and women who serve as firefighters are truly everyday heroes.  But some of them are also everyday business owners.  Meet Shawn Stacy, owner of HealthCare Training Solutions and firefighter with Colerain Township Fire & EMS.  Find out how his company helps train others in many diverse categories.  Paul Riedel and Deana Brown also join us to talk about how you can support the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the work that they do to take care of the families that are left behind when firefighters make the ultimate sacrifice.

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You’Nique Sweets & Chris Lee / Bookkeeping Express

Do you have a hard time getting to sleep?  When tax time rolls around do the words "profit & loss", "balance sheet", "general ledger" run races in your head?  Maybe, maybe not. But one term can be critical to the success of a product-based business and that is "Cost of Goods Sold".  Especially for a food business where material costs can fluctuate.  Meet You'Nique Sweets, a dream of Pam Kirtley and Debbie Lee. Sisters and bakers of extraordinary and unusual sweet treats that they sell Hamilton's Historic armer's Market. Chris Lee of Bookkeeping Express joins us to again bring clarity and a good night's sleep. 

Check out You'Nique Sweets at "Hamilton's Historic Farmer's Market" (on FB)

Clear your mind and your desk with Bookkeeping Express.  Ask for Chris Lee.

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Troy McCracken of Spectrum Networks & Rachel (Meeks) Cohen of Heartland

When you think of telecom you think of names like Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T.  But there are other players like Troy McCracken who tells us his how he started Spectrum Networks, a different kind of telecom business saving money and bringing efficiencies to small and mid-sized businesses.  Also joining us is Rachel Cohen of Heartland Payment Systems, a company that also brings costs down in the areas of payroll and card processing systems.  

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Cupcake Crazy - Lisa Ebbert & Dimalanta Design Group

"To have your cake and eat it too" means to have the best of all worlds and that is what it feels like when you eat the Cheesecake cupcake from Cupcake Crazy.  Meet Lisa Ebbert and her daughter, Lauren - confectionary geniuses and buttercream frosting artists. Joining us is our new co-host, Ernie Dimalanta who has worked with Lisa helping her build a sweet empire one cupcake at a time.

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