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Shawn Waldman - Secure Cyber Defense - Jason Redwine - LANrm

Do you know what you could have in common with Target, eBay, JPMorgan, Sony, NASA and Anthem? You could get hacked.  And don't think you're not a likely target.  These days the technology environment is evolving and shifting minute by minute and so are the methods of hackers.  Shawn Waldman owner of Secure Cyber Defense gives some ideas and tips on how to protect our businesses. Tune in.

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Tom Moore - Formidable Asset Management - Derek Tye HDHK

Someone once said "Knowledge Is Power" and Tom Moore from Formidable Asset Management knows a thing or two about that. With instant consumer feedback and lightning speed data collection, companies are creating huge profits by understanding how to use that data.  Derek Tye (previous guest for the app How Did He Know?) has built one successful company and is launching another based on using and delivering data. He joins us as a new monthly co-host. These days fortunes are made with more than money. Tune in and find out how.

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Cathleen Snyder - Strategic HR

For most buinesses, getting to the next level involves hiring someone.  It's a critical and delicate step.  So, how do you figure out whether this person is the right person for your company?  Cathleen Snyder from Strategic HR and one of our new monthly co-hosts joins us for an hour of valuable advice. Tune in.

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Sharonville Cultural Arts Center

What's up Sharonville?  Culture and Arts, that's what.  Kathy "Peach" Lukas knows something about that.  That and event planning which is why she's on the board of the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center.  She joins us to share some of the great things that the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center is doing.  

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Business Leadership Solutions - Tony Gay

Why did the lemmings fall off the cliff?  Because they didn't know the difference between leadership and management.  Don't be a lemming, meet Tony Gay, president of Business Leadership Solutions and find out what leadership can do for your company's success.

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Original Nixon - Brad Nixon

Wouldn't you love to go for a beautiful nature hike and find money laying around just waiting for you to pick up?  Well, that's what Brad Nixon's nature hikes are like. Tune in and then try the recipe below:


Pasta With Chanterelles And Wild Mushrooms


16 oz (450 g) pasta

6 oz (170 g) wild mushrooms

6 oz (170 g) chanterelles

3 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1/2 cup (1,1 dl) cream

1 small knob of organic butter

A fistful of chopped parsly

Salt & Pepper

1. Clean and chop the mushrooms and chanterelles coarsley. Do NOT use water to clean them, but rather a brush to remove any dirt from them.

2. Melt the butter in a heated frying pan. Add the chanterelles and mushroom and cook for 3 minutes. Add the finely chopped garlic and cook for another minute, before adding salt, pepper and cream. Leave on a low heat to let the cream reduce and boil into the fungus.

3. Boil the pasta according to instructions on the package.

4. Serve, topped with chopped parsley.

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How Did He Know? Derek Tye

Let's be honest - sometimes chemistry can mess a girl up.  Pretty much from puberty on us ladies are at the mercy of our constantly changing body chemistry.  There's puberty and the teen years, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, middle age, perimenopause and of course menopause itself. And it's not just us that are affected by it.  Boyfriends, husbands, lesbian partners, kids and friends can be impacted.  Some women go through debilitating days because of our hormones.  Wouldn't it be great if there was something out there that could help our family and friends be supportive of us?  Well, our guest Derek Tye has developed a mobile app that can help.  Using custom data for individual women the app can track her cycles and offer suggestions for the support person in anticipation of some of those bad days. Tune in and download.
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Habitat for Humanity - Ed Lee

To a carpenter, every problem is a nail and the answer is a hammer.  Well, it may not be the solution for EVERY problem, but Habitat for Humanity is turning a lot of nails and lumber and drywall and paint into an answer for improving neighborhoods through home ownership.  If you only think of them as an organization that builds homes and gives them away, tune in and find out how this long-respected non-profit isn't creating a handout, but rather a true hand up.  With Ernie Dimalanta.

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Campus Solutions - CJ Montante

Nearly 4 out of 5 college students are working part-time while studying for their degrees, averaging 19 hours a week, according to a Huffington Post survey, but just 18 percent pay their way through school.  Well Xavier University has launched a new program, The D'Artagnan Experience which gives Xavier students an opportunity to not only learn about the skills to excel in the real world, but it gives them an environment to try out and hone those skills.  Tune in to our interview with CJ Montante, CEO of Campus Solutions.


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Beechmont Racquet & Fitness - Lance Atkins

One of the newer ideas in weight loss is that you should change your workout periodically.  Apparently muscle memory works to improve efficiencies in your movement.  So working the same routine teaches your muscles to consume less energy and thus your weight loss becomes less effective.  Plus changing the routine focuses can keep up interest level.  Which is one of the biggest reasons people don't stick to a workout.  This idea can also work for the health of a business.  Tune in to our interview with Lance Atkins one of the second generation of owners of Beechmont Racquet & Fitness.  

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