October 23, 2016

Mark Dare of I-MKTG.com

When it comes to websites, less is more.  Gone are the days of jam packing your website with as many key words as you possibly can.  If you didn't know that, then you are behind the times.  No worries, you're in good company...with me!  Mark Dare, of I-MKTG.com joins me to talk about websites, google ads...and why I should probably hire a professional to update my website.  

October 23, 2016

Wiebold Studio

You break, you buy it.  And then you take it Wiebold Studio...especially if it's porcelain, ceramic crystal or glass.  For over 70 years Wiebold Studios has been restoring and conserving priceless pieces of art and collectables in Terrace Park.  Andrew Weibold, 3rd generation owner is our guest.  Tom Moore of Formidable Asset Management Co-hosts.  

October 4, 2016

LumAware / MN8 and Foxfire

Cash is King. But explosive growth can stop a monarchy in its tracks. Firefighter, inventor and entrepreneur Zachary Green identified a need and invented a product that has launched his company MN8 and Foxfire. Cathleen Snyder joins as co-host with some perspective on how poor hiring decisions and procedures can also strangle the growth of a company. Tune in.

July 31, 2016

Oxford Physical Therapy

You don't need a doctor's referral to see a physical therapist. That's the law. So walk into any of the 14 Oxford Physical Therapy locations and get some expert medical opinions - for free. That's only one of the things you can learn from this interview with Pete Zulia one of the co-founders of Oxford Physical Therapy. He also shares with us the process and philosophy that has taken their practice from one office in 1992 to 14 locations in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Cathleen Snyder from Strategic HR Inc. co-hosts and spotlights some HR issues you should know about. Tune in.


Success is hard won and Mike Muth knows something about that.  An ex-military entrepreneur, Mike and his family own and run McCabe's Granola. The family started the company in 2011 - tune in to find out how they are now in 1000 retail stores in 6 years. Tom Moore of Formidable Asset Management joins us for unique perspective on the viral game Pokemon Go!  


July 17, 2016


Overcoming stereotypes is often a liberating experience that opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities. So put aside what you think you know about cannabis and learn the real backstory from an advocate and serial successful entrepreneur - Beach, owner of 3 Hemptations locations. Tune in. 

(Photo with our awesome station account manager Lene Foley. Hi Lene!)

For fun click here for a film put out by the U.S. government in 1942 on hemp.


A brilliant biomedical engineer by day, Raquel Redwood is a brainiac entrepreneur at night.  (And during the day too actually because entrepreneurs never stop working!) She has developed a new invention and strategically planned the path to launching it. Tune in for an inspiring story of one brilliant entrepreneur. Cathleen Snyder from Strategic HR Inc. co-hosts with an update on important information for anyone with employees!! This a must-listen.



"Socially responsible" is a popular catch phrase these days. Third World cooperatives making handmade jewelry use it as do giant corporate retailers. But the guys at Formidable Asset Management (our monthly co-host Tom Moore) have created an investment app called Numovo that truly puts your money where your mouth is. Tune in. 


What's the secret sauce to achieving success in your personal and professional life? Join us for a special panel of entrepreneurs, educators, mentors, leaders who have each contributed a chapter in the book "Success: Powered by Relationships". Available at www.jeanneporterz.com and Amazon.

Jeanne Porter www.jeanneporterz.com
Laima Rastikis www.rastikisink.com


One doctor and one receptionist grows into a company of over 450 associates. Beacon Orthopaedics has created an innovative approach to surgery. A model so successful that many major medical health providers are now emulating. The key to Dr. Burger's success according to him is having "good people". Tune in for this interview with one of the legendary surgeons in professional sports.  A surprise co-host joins us for stories about "Moldy" and "Guc".


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