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WiBN Leadership Development Conference

How far would you go to develop stronger leadership muscles?  How about growing your professional networks?  Or maybe you'd be interested in building a support team that incorporates business life into your personal well-being. Well, you're in luck, this September, there IS one conference you can (and should) attend that will offer you more ways to grow and be successful than you may have had previously.  Tune in or watch the video.  Sure, bring the popcorn.

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Solica Construction

Following a dream is always a risk, an exhiliration, terrifying one.  But walking away from a really good paying job with great opportunities for growth and advancement to follow a dream takes a different kind of dreamer.  One that may border on being a little crazy.  Samir Kulkarni, thankfully, IS a little crazy because that's what he did.  His business is doing so well, he has in a very short period of time garnered many awards and acknowledgements of his success.  Of course, it helps tremendously that he was crazy AND smart enough to recruit his wife and partner, Ami Kulkarni to also leave a great position with P&G to build Solica Construction to what it is today.  But stay tuned, these are two people to watch because who knows what else they're crazy enough to do.

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Zinover Mobile Kitchen

He's bringing it back.  The Zinover, a deep fried piece of gooey deliciousness was once a beloved food item offered only at Zino's, a locally owned restaurant chain.  A former busboy, dishwasher and cook, John Humphrey (also, son of the original owners) is bringing the Zinover back and he's bringing it to a neighborhood near you.  Tune in.

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Dave Willacker Cincinnati Circus Company

Some of us dream of becoming presidents, doctors, video game beta testers or restaurant critics.  But who dreams of having elephants in his backyard?  Dave Willacker, that's who.  He also dreamt of bring the Trapeze to Cincinnati, while on vacation with his wife to DC.  He succeeded in doing that and has thus brought the dream of flying on the trapeze to any Cincinnatian with $55 bucks in their pocket.  We love Dave.

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Soapbox Cincinnati

Cincinnati has had the reputation of being a bit conservative, cautious, tight and even behind the times.  But that's not true any more and Soapbox Cincinnati is telling us all about it.  We are moving and shaking, there's a change afoot and Michael Sarason writes about it.  An online magazine that Cincinnatians may find worth discovering because SoapBox Cincinnati helps you discover the neighborhoods that are in your own backyard.  

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Kevin Raines Center City Collision

A journey from pastor to entrepreneur to community leader.  I won't write too much about it because I really think you should listen to Kevin Raines yourself and find out how he has gone through transformation after transformation to find himself exactly where he should be....Until the next transformation.

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Red Tree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop

The first recorded mention of a coffee house is set in the early 1500's in Damascus.  It immediately became a place of concern for the rulers because the coffee houses were a natural community center where people shared stories, news of their families and political ideas.  Later as coffee houses began to spring up in Europe they also served as a place where people conducted business over a cup of java. Lloyd's of London started in a coffee shop and early stock market exchanges began in coffee shops. Today the coffee shop is still a heart of a community.  It is like a church or a spiritual center - people feel comfortable there, find their friends there and recharge their energies.  But it's not like a spiritual center in that it is a great social leveller, all are welcome regardless of any ideology or social status.  It is a place of comfort and a place of change. But coffee shops are notorious for being a tough business to get into the black.   Red Tree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop is a great example of such a place.  Listen in and find out how they've done it.  And why.

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The Circuit

Tag, you're IT.  Those used to be dreaded words on the playground.  These days, though IT means Innovation Technology and it's one of the strongest drivers of local economies.  The Circuit provides education, networking opportunities, an online sales channel, advocacy to government and access to early-stage capital for its members. 

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Mad Tree Brewing Company

Psychopathy, Lift, Happy Amber, Identity Crisis and Galaxy High.  No, these are not names of new mood disorders. They're what you'll find on tap at 5164 Kennedy Avenue home to Mad Tree Brewing Company. Ohio's first craft brewery to can their beers in the modern age.  Don't let the Duck Dynasty beards and pun-ny titles fool you.  These guys are mad geniuses concocting fresh blends of fermented sugar derived from saccharified starch by day and pulling pints by night.  You don't need to be a beer connoisseur to pull up a stool and enjoy a cold one, but you do need opposable thumbs.  Cheers.

The photo's blurry because our producer, James had one too many in the booth (that means he had 2)
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Pure Romance

In the beginning there was a boy and his mother selling sex toys out of a U-haul truck.  Today the letters of the company name are 4 feet tall and hang from a new building in downtown Cincinnati.  A happy ending so to speak. But the ending is just the beginning.  Chris Cicchenelli and his mother, Patty Brisben are spreading the joy, (no pun intended) to other women.  Pure Romance has taken the MLM model to promote freedom for women and not just in the bedroom.  If you're stuck in a rut, want to make some money, need a flexible schedule and want to do something meaningful for others (that's most of us, isn't it?). Tune in and find out if this might be the road to having your own business, without the U-haul truck.  Click HERE to find out more info on their website.

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