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Cupcake Crazy - Lisa Ebbert & Dimalanta Design Group

"To have your cake and eat it too" means to have the best of all worlds and that is what it feels like when you eat the Cheesecake cupcake from Cupcake Crazy.  Meet Lisa Ebbert and her daughter, Lauren - confectionary geniuses and buttercream frosting artists. Joining us is our new co-host, Ernie Dimalanta who has worked with Lisa helping her build a sweet empire one cupcake at a time.

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Re.You Studio - Teresa Wade & Cybervise LTD - Carmen Krupar

There are some people who've made it through their youth without regret.  Perhaps had better judgment or maturity than others of us who uh...made questionable choices.  One of our guests tonight is Teresa Wade of ReYou Studio and she can't really help expunge any criminal records for you, but she can help wipe clean some evidence from your past.  Our other guest, Carmen Krupar of Cybervise LTD has helped Re.You Studio on all things website, she's here to give us some tips.  Tune in.

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Links Unlimited Scott Kooken & Jason Redwine LANrm

It used to be that credit card companies enticed new cardholders to sign up with low interest rates and customizable cards (whatever?).  But these days, it's all about rewards.  Yup, our loyalty is being bought by Applebees gift cards and slightly discounted airline tickets.  But if we're lucky, we could also score a nice piece of luggage, or a BOSE speaker or even a Callaway Big Bertha Driver.  No, that's not a chauffeur from an Eastern European nation. Today Jason Redwine brings Scott Kooken of Links Unlimited and Scott's going to tell us how to get a Big Bertha.  Hit play.
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SCORE Betsy Newman & the Spicy Olive Melanie Cedargren

She shoots, she SCORES!  Some of us have heard of SCORE as some kind of resource for entrepreneurs, but the perception or mis-perception should I say, is that it's a stuffy, old, retired executives.  That's truly not the case any more, and they want the world to know.  SCORE is a one on one, customized mentoring program that is FREE and has no time limit.  For an entrepreneur or even an early stage business that type of resource and assistance is priceless. Melanie Cedargren of The Spicy Olive is one of those businesses.  And her company is about to open it's 3rd store. There must be something good going on there.  Check it out.
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Henderson Turf & Dimalanta Design Group

It's time to get dirty.  And we have the guys who can help you do it properly.  Henderson Turf can help you get your yard and planting beds ready and they'll do it with the help of the Big Yellow Bag.  Tune in and dig it.

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Illumination-Research - Jeff Bass and Jason Redwine

Passion fills the sails to launch small businesses, but you still need a light to guide her by. You need to know your customer to make sure they need and want what you're offering.  Or you're ready to invest a lot of money to launch a new product.  Consider a market survey or product research or an opinion poll. Our new co-host Jason Redwine brings Jeff Bass of Illumination Research whose business is to shed some light on your business.  

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Savage Syndications - James Savage

Who wakes up in the morning and says "I'm going to make 127 cold calls today"?  Yeah right - put the cap back on the cough syrup.  Well, our guest is someone who does that.  The thing is, he does it with a different strategy which turns those cold calls into sizzling appointments.  If you think referrals and word of mouth is the only way to get new clients listen to this show.  Open your mind and grow your business.
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Hiring Done Right - Nicole Golfieri

You have an idea.  You save up your money and take the plunge to start your business.  Things go well, you start getting clients, sales grow.  It grows so well in fact that you know if you want to take your business to the "next level" you will need to either clone yourself (too expensive) or (shudder of fear) you will have to hire an employee.  But never fear, there are ways and people that can help.  Our guest, Nicole Golfieri from Hiring Done Right is one of those people and she's got some tips for would-be employers.
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Maximum Positive Impact - Gary Marco

Good leaders must lead by example. By walking your talk, you become a person others want to follow. When leaders say one thing, but do another, they erode trust--a critical element of productive leadership.  Want to be a better, more effective and more productive leader?  Learn how to create Maximum Positive Impact.

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Amie Leadingham Dating Coach

Have you ever felt like romance was a game and that you didn't know the rules?  You see other people play at it and you kinda think you know how to win, but it doesn't work out that way.  Well, you're not alone. There are lots of people on the "Not Really Sure About This" Team.  And like any other game, a team needs a good coach.  Why not have a romance or dating coach?  We know how valuable it can be in developing ourselves as business professionals, leaders, athletes.  Tune in to Amie Leadingham and find out what the game looks like from the coach's perspective.
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