In the "olde" days all small businesses were brick and mortar and generally lined the main streets of every town and city in the USA. You could see how well an area was doing by seeing how many stores were opened and what kind of stores they were.  Four pawn shops and a liquor drive-thru? Not so good. But two restaurants, a bike shop and a florist - that's a good sign. Derrick Braziel and Allen Woods of Mortar have taken an idea and a passion to help build communities through entrepreneurship. Derek Tye co-hosts this fun and inspiring interview. Tune in. 


The paranoia about machines and robots taking over the world and enslaving humans is a time-honored traditional story line in Hollywood movies. And it's fun to watch. But regardless whether we take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill we know that THAT reality is still pretty far away. New technologies have always promised a life where the most time-consuming and mind-numbing tasks would be taken care of by machines. So that our time could be spent in pursuit of happiness: true happiness - not the "cleaned-the-house-happiness" or "filed-the-invoices-happiness." That idea of automation in the business world means looking at software and technology as a way to allow everyone to stop doing low-value work and contribute high-value work instead. With all due respect Morpheus, THAT is innovation.  Jason Redwine of LANrm co-hosts as Dave Hatter of Definity Partners chats with us on innovation and more.


Taking risks is not about jumping into the unknown with courage and hope.  It's about preparation and planning. I know - the courage and hope version sounds more exciting but when your business is on the line you may prefer the "planning" rather than the "hoping". So if growing your business requires hiring employees then you should tune in. Matt Messersmith of Signet Pre-employment Screening and our co-host Cathleen Snyder of Strategic HR Inc. join us to demystify the process of HIRING SMART.  Tune in. 


In the words of Graham Parker, "Passion is no ordinary word." And passion is necessary to overcome mediocrity and reach excellence. In my opinion it's become diluted nowadays. One thing about passion is that it's contagious. When hearing or seeing that excitement, deep conviction and joy in the face of someone who has truly a passion we can't help ourselves; we feel it too. Sometimes we can even get swept up into that passion. What we hear and see rings true for ourselves. Ray Attiyah, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, author and leader joins us to share some of his acclaimed ideas of how to Run, Improve and Grow your business or organization. And he does it with passion. Buckle up and tune in, you'll get swept away. 


You know they do seasonal specials like Pumpkin, Peach, Watermelon Sorbet and Peppermint Stick but did you know Graeter's Ice Cream also has Apple Cider Sorbet, Banana Chocolate Chip, Blackberry White Chocolate Chip, Bourbon Ball and Cheesecake flavors? You may not have heard of these because they're only available in certain scoop parlors. If you live near one that means you're probably within a day's drive of Cincinnati. Lucky you! But the rest of those poor slobs out there can now rejoice because Graeter's is available on the shelf in over 8000 retail locations across the country.  WooHoo! French Pot Yum for everyone! Tune in to our conversation with President and CEO Rich Graeter to find out the secret to how one of Cincinnati's beloved and delicious institutions is going big by staying small. 

October 25, 2015

Keith Schneider - Square 1

In The Princess Bride, after Inigo Montoya woke up to find the Man in Black had bested him he went to the nearest pub and had a few drinks. Well, maybe more than a few, possibly he got hammered but he also went back to the beginning as Vizzini told him to do. Returning to square one is humbling, because it means something you planned or tried didn't produce exactly the results you wanted. But for those whose intellect and passion are bigger than their ego, square one is also a safe place to regroup, assess the situation and to learn and plan the next move. For Inigo Montoya going back to the beginning, square one, let him figure out what it was he really wanted in life. It gave him clarity. From there he realized who and what he needed to achieve his goal. Keith Schneider built Square 1 to help startups and entrepreneurs find exactly that kind of clarity in what they do and to also help them navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Let's face it, we could all use a holocaust cloak and some help when we want to storm the castle.

October 18, 2015

Steve Lumley - LGI CFO

Running a profitable business is as much about controlling costs as it is about creating revenue. But costs can take the shape of many things. Unfortunately one of them is the shape of employees. Tune in to Steve Lumley, Founder and CEO of LGICFO, to hear about some preventive steps you can take to protect your business.  


When I misplace my keys it's always in the last place I look. I can't say the same for my mother who's developing Alzheimer's. I worry about her - she insists on living alone and takes offense at the notion that she might need some supervision at times. But she's already slipped on the stairs once (without breaking anything) but what about the next time? Yeah, I know, get the emergency voice box so she can call out "I've fallen and I can't get up" but then she'd be lying on the floor waiting for paramedics to get there. Lori Williams of Guardian Global Tracking has a unique and effective solution. Tune in.


There was a time when businesses only needed to hang a shingle and presto - open for business. Then came telephones with the 20 lbs. directory and the display ads.  Now it's websites. However the internet is a crowded place. How do you stand out, get noticed and attract strangers (also known as customers)?  The first step is to get some information from an expert. But how many times have we been lured in with a promise of tips or advice only to be snowed with someone's past clients or claimed expertise then sold their services? Well, Robynn Anton is a marketing strategist who delivers. She joins us with actionable advice on social media marketing. Tune in, take notes and share the link.


What's the difference between computers and fashion? Fashions come back in cycles but computers just get obsolete. Tom Burnett owner of DCSecured has a solution for what to do with all that out-of-date computer hardware.  Tune in with us and Jason Redwine of LANrm co-hosting.  


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