Matt Marvin – MGM Consulting

Meet Matt Marvin, owner of MGM Consulting. Marvin works with business owners and corporate leaders to help maximize the potential of their business. His latest book, Nailed It, highlights 10 keys to crushing the interview.

Robynn Anton & Tom Tasset

If you have the guts, vision and determination to start your own business... we applaud you.  Unfortunately, some of you...actually MOST of you won't make it.  You should know that the odds are stacked against you.  In this episode of American Dreamers, we talk about...

Tim Bankes – Freeset USA

Freeset is in Business for Freedom. The mission is simple: to help stop sex trafficking and prostitution in West Bengal, India. Freeset USA is a non-profit distributor for two social enterprise businesses: Freeset Bags & Apparel (FBA) and Freeset Fabrics. Through...

Dr Andy Robbins & Pat Ward – The CEI Foundation

You can go as far as the eye can see. But what if you can only see a foot in front of you? And what if you don't have the financial resources to go to the eye doctor? Enter Patrick Ward, president and CEO of The Cincinnati Eye Institute Foundation. Established in...

Laura Laureto & Lisa Lehner

In this show we learned the story of an unlikely partnership born of a chance meeting. Laura Laureto, fashion designer working for Cantarelli, near Cortona, Italy, and Lisa Lehner, attorney from Cincinnati, Ohio. They met, became friends and started a company.

Sun Ho Donovan – Blue Chip III

In this episode of American Dreamers our co-host, Sun Ho Donovan, talks about her new business venture, Blue Chip Charters. It took awhile, but I (Tom Tasset) was able to connect all the dots from her previous business experience and discover why someone who has never...

Brandemonium – Kevin Canafax and Bill Donabedian

Go to your refrigerator and open the door. If you did this nearly anywhere in the world, 60% of what you see would have a Cincinnati connection. Our guests are Kevin Canafax and Bill Donabedian, co-founders of Brandemonium, a "brand" new festival that will take place...


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